Richa Nagar’s writing in English has engaged a range of topics and themes including politics of development; knowledge-making, pedagogy, and justice; grassroots social movements; and migration, diaspora, place and identity. Writing, speaking, dreaming, and performing in Hindi/Hindustani have given sustenance and life to Richa’s soul. Her passion for this language has also allowed her to live and grow with multiple communities, critics, and creators who have enabled her scholarship and creativity as a writer, thinker, teacher, and translator. She has published eight books and over 150 essays, articles, plays, and poems. Her writing blends languages, genres, and styles and troubles the traditionally invoked boundaries among theory, creative writing, poetry, and journalism. Her writing practices also complicate the idea of individual ownership of ideas through a practice of co-authorship that emphasizes the necessity of sharing authority in the creation and dissemination, and deployment of co-created and co-owned knowledges. These practices are a central part of Richa’s commitment to engage critics and interlocutors from a variety of locations and to enact her responsibility in the multiple worlds and struggles which enable her work.