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Writing, speaking, dreaming, and performing in Hindi/Hindustani have given sustenance and life to Richa’s soul ever since she can remember. Her passion for this language has also allowed her to live and grow with multiple communities, critics, and creators who have enabled her scholarship and creativity as a writer, thinker, teacher, and translator. She has published poems, stories, and plays on a range of themes since 1981 and she has co-authored two books with Sangtins, Sangtin Yatra: Saat Zindagiyon Mein Lipta Nari Vimarsh (2004) and Ek Aur Neemsaar: Sangtin Atmamanthan Aur Andolan (2012). Her most recent contribution to Hindi literature is the compiling and editing of the book, Main Aur Mera Man (2016), drawn from the published and unpublished life writing of the late Sharad Nagar, specifically in relation to the old cities of Agra and Lucknow.




मैं और मेरा मन/ Main Aur Mera Man

मैं और मेरा मन  के बारे में

मैं और मेरा मन  का वाचन

एक और नीमसार: संगतिन आत्ममंथन  और आंदोलन/ Ek Aur Neemsaar

एक और नीमसार  के बारे में

संगतिन यात्रा: सात ज़िन्दगियों में लिपटा नारी विमर्श/ Sangtin Yatra 

संगतिन यात्रा  के बारे में

संगतिन यात्रा का वेब संस्करण (२००९)




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